Ask Colleen Column: Losing Stubborn Baby Weight

For all of 2018, our registered dietitian Colleen will be answering your health and wellness questions. New questions and answers every month! Here is our first installment.

Q: I had my baby 6 months ago, and still haven’t lost much of the ‘baby weight.’ Any suggestions for what I should do?

A: Firstly, every woman is different so don’t compare yourself to anyone else- especially not what you see in the media with celebrities dropping their baby weight in 6 weeks.  That is completely unrealistic and they are likely taking dangerous steps to lose that weight in addition to having paid team of professionals.  Secondly, understand that pregnancy hormones can stay in your body for up to 9 months, those very hormones that ensured you maintained a weight healthy enough to support a growing baby. Couple that with lack of sleep and it makes weight loss slower than desired.  Keep in mind that slow and steady wins the race, and you are supporting a new life which is most important. Be patient, and remember you made a human which surpasses any extra pounds! Lastly, I’d suggest what I would to just about everyone: be mindful of portions, eat a diet rich in fruits and veggies, stick to complex carbs (not processed grains like white bread), lean/plant-based protein, and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

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