Mum-Mum’s Tiramisu

February is the month of Valentine’s Day, where sweet treats make a resurgence.  Those treats can be tricky for little one’s with food allergies, and for mums who may not want overly sweet desserts.  This month’s recipe suggestion was submitted by one our Mum-Mum’s fans, since many of us often have Mum-Mum’s in the cabinet.  It has been tested by the Mum-Mum’s team with lots of variations, so use ingredients that your family loves best.  The key is the sheer genius idea of dipping Mum-Mum’s quickly in hot chocolate to get that cakey consistency we know and love from tiramisu. You can make this as a single serving, or layer the bottom of a small baking dish for extra servings.

  • 1 packet or cup of hot chocolate, prepared
  • 1 packet of Mum-Mum’s
  • Your favorite vanilla custard or pudding, prepared

Dip biscuits in hot chocolate quickly, place in a small dish and layer custard/pudding so that custard is between the two biscuits, and refrigerate.  You can also layer pureed fruit instead of custard or pudding.

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