Stuffed Baked Apples

In keeping with healthier holidays, this month’s gluten free recipe is healthy and easy as pie- without having to actually make pie! There’s no sugar added, and you can mix ingredients to suit your taste and make however few, or many, apples as you need.

  •    4 medium apples
  •    1 cup gluten free rolled oats
  •    3 tablespoons dried cranberries
  •    3 tablespoons chopped walnuts or other nuts
  •    1-2 tablespoons butter or vegan spread like Earth Balance
  •    1 teaspoon cinnamon
  •    pinch of nutmeg

Preheat oven to 300 degrees. Core and seed apples. Combine remaining ingredients in a small bowl, and use just enough butter for the ingredients to stick together.  Pack the oat mixture into the apples until they are full.  Sprinkle with additional cinnamon if desired. Place stuffed apples in a small baking dish, fill the bottom of the baking dish with about 1-2 inches of water, cover with foil, and bake for about 1 hour or until tender.

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